Kate Orson

freelance writer, parent educator and creative writing teacher


“Kate Orson’s writing course provides an opportunity to explore the various facets of creative and personal writing in a well-informed, non-threatening context. Kate supports individual participants with relevant materials and thoughtful feedback. The course is further enhanced by the fruitful dynamics of working with other writers and learning from their experiences.”

Kate Orson’s writing experience is a helpful blend of gentle pushing and intelligent criticism on whatever you manage to dish up. I found it very encouraging, a managable discipline and sheer good fun to meet with her and a group each week. I felt I made strides forward and would do it again, and again, and again……

I was on a start stop train for years trying to write my book until I signed up for Kate’s class. Now my book is months away from completion with sections already with an editor. Thanks Kate.” laura

Thanks so much for a great course. It’s difficult to keep writing in a void, so I really enjoyed the chance to share my writing and see what other people have written. I finished the course filled with new ideas, enthusiasm and a promise to myself to write regularly. Keep an eye out for that book I’ve been thinking about writing for the last 20 years!!

I love Kate’s courses. I’ve been on three; they unleashed my creativity and potential to write. Kate opened my mind, giving me tools to work with and lots of feed back. What started out as a bit of creative fun has turned into so much more. Just fab!

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