Tears Heal allows parents to discover parenting’s biggest paradigm shift, the way they respond to children’s tears.

tearsheal1Tears Heal: How to listen to our children

One of the most challenging things parents of babies and young children have to deal with are tears. When babies cry, parents shhh, or rock them to try to get them to stop. When toddlers’ tantrum parents may distract them, attempt to reason with them, or ignore their crying in the hope it won’t last long. It seems natural to judge the success of parenting by how much children cry. Tears Heal will allow readers to discover parenting’s biggest paradigm shift, the way they respond to their children’s tears. Here parents will learn how to transform their parenting by moving away from stopping feelings, towards listening instead. Tears Heal – How To Listen To Our Children is warm, and full of empathy for the hard work, and struggles that parents go through. It also has a strong leaning towards helping parents with their own emotions, as they deal with their children’s challenging moments. It explains why we find children’s feelings hard to handle, because our feelings weren’t fully listened to when we were children, and shows how we can nurture and support ourselves so that we can be the parents we want to be.

The book is available from all the usual bookshops such as Amazon and Waterstones. Or you can it directly from me using the paypal links below, and receive a signed copy!

UK Pre-orders, £13.99, incl postage.

Europe, Pre-orders, 20 EUR, incl postage.

International pre-orders, $25, incl postage.

6 thoughts on “Tears Heal: The Book

  1. This book looks great. I have about 5 peaceful/ positive parenting books on my shelf right now that are waiting to be read, but I will add this to my list for when I’m done with those.
    I’m really interested in Hand in Hand. I’ve considered taking their course and even their instructor training but decided timing wasn’t right for this year. I’ll definitely be following your blog.:-)

    1. Hi Kamsin, I’m really happy to hear you’re adding the book to your list! It’s lovely to connect with another gentle parenting blogger. There aren’t any Hand in Hand instructors in Japan yet, so that would be exciting if you did the training!

  2. I was reading your article on Parents dot com: why-toddler-tantrum-is-a-good-thing and can not disagree more.
    While obviously is better the child to cry instead of holding it in – this doesn’t not means tantrums are a good thing.
    Crying may help learn statement – your example of the child needing to calm down in order to focus is different than crying helping in anyway, but even more, crying doesn’t help.
    Crying helping to sleep- for sure it helps, but what about working with your child to establish a routine and eliminate tears before bad. Otherwise, lets make the child cry in order to help it to sleep? Is this what you are implying?
    Saying to a child NO and then the child crying is a good think now? Where are we? 19th century? How about talking to the child and explain that certain things are not expectable backing the statement up with being a role model showing the child how the parents are behaving and explaining why that is acceptable, so next time when you want to discuss boundaries you can compare your acceptable behaviour with the one not accepted.
    Your child feels safe to express their emotions is a good thing. from where you got to the conclusion that tantrum and cries are the best way to express their emotions and feel closer and trustful? When a child is emotional, they need communication, so what about communicating before getting to cry? By keeping a both-way open communication, the child will trust you with their emotions and feel close to you without the need of tantrums or cries.
    Tantrums helps child behaviour in long turn? no comment here needed. same with tantrum are some forgotten emotion we all need.
    Tantrums at home vs. In Public. so now the ones at home are OK but the ones in public not ok? 19th century methods again. How about carrying for your child development and behaviour regardless of the location?
    Tantrums are not healing for anyone but less for parents. I’ve done lots of reaser4ch on positive parenting, reading literature, talking and observing other parent and being a parent myself. Never ever I came across Tantrums being healing for parents/carers! There are different way on dealing with tantrums but accepting it as a good thing for you is unheard of.

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