A Giggle Parenting Book Review

My friend over at Walking On Mom blog, Tara McLaughlin recommended me this book, as being part of her silly bedtime routine for getting the giggles flowing. We read it last night and my daughter asked for it four times and laughed the whole way through. She then fell asleep instantly!

This book perfectly encapsulates the principles of Playlistening, one of the Hand in Hand Parenting tools. For those of you new to the concept Playlistening (or Giggle Parenting as I like to call it), is when we pick up on whatever makes our child laugh while they are in the more powerful role.

Children love it when the roles are reversed for a while and we adults make mistakes, do things we don’t want to do, and act clueless and confused. It is a welcome relief to the tension, and upset they sometimes experience as they learn and build their confidence in the world.

The Book With No Pictures is a book where the adult finds themselves having to say the words in the book, no matter how silly and nonsensical they sound. As the adult ‘blorks’ and ‘blurfs’ their way through the book they have to say more and more ridiculous things such as declaring they are a monkey and that their head is made of ‘blueberry pizza.’ I love how the author B.J Novak adds in the voice of the exasperated parent who feels out of control having to say such silly things.

You can watch the author reading the book to a group of schoolchildren on youtube here and see just how hilarious it is.

With Hand in Hand Parenting we’ve found that when children feel well-connected, and get to release their feelings with a loving adult, whether it’s through laughter, or tears, then their behaviour and emotions are more on-track.  Having good emotional health is also key for healthy brain development, and learning new skills.

It’s been well-documented that bedtime reading helps brain development and children’s literacy, but adding in giggles takes it to a whole new level. Research has found that laughter helps toddlers learn 

So add this book to your child’s shelf and you’re not only having a fun read together but also helping them with their emotions, and their behaviour. You can buy it here.

To learn more read my article Giggle Parenting: The Best Discipline Tool Out There And check out Walking on Mom’s post to learn why Silly Bedtimes Lead To Better Sleep.

If anyone has any funny books or ways to get giggly at bedtime I’d love to hear from you!

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