Listening time with Kate offers me a safe place (where I feel listened to and don’t feel judged. I can get all of those overwhelming thoughts and emotions out in the open, talk about them, process them. Then I can then go back to my daughter with a clear mind and soul. I am ore able to connect with her, truly see her and not being triggered as much by her behaviour. I can be the parent she needs. – A.L

Shout out to the starter course and Kate Orson! I’m only in the fourth week and my parenting has changed immensely. I’ve been able to set limits with love (truly) which takes away the “walking on eggshells” dance I used to do with my sensitive, spirited and physical son. I’m able to handle his aggression with compassion, watch it transform and even trust the behavior because it now makes perfect sense thanks to Patty’s wonderful videos and readings. Special Time and Listening Partnerships have also been upgraded. So if you understand the HIH concepts and are struggling, I cannot recommend the starter course highly enough. 💕💕💕  M.U

I have tried many things and Hand in Hand Parenting just seems to work the best for us. It has worked wonders for our little family. And it has certainly helped me to understand their little brains from a more thoughtful and gentle perspective. I have to admit, since I have started the course, I am so much more calm and can tackle huge upsets on almost every occasion. R.S

I’ve been following Kate’s blog about a parenting approach that seems to be striking so many chords with me lately. So much of my childhood and understanding of parenting comes from the idea that we need to train kids, put them in their place, have a strict set of boundaries. Keep them quiet, make sure they follow (not necessarily understand) rules. But this message Kate espouses rests in helping our kids, letting them know that we hear them, creating connections and helping them to learn. I’m finding that when I practice the couple of recommendations she has made on her blog, not only have I seen results in my kids, but my anxiety levels have gone down, I feel better about myself as a parent and I feel closer to my kids in a way that I believe is fostering respect.
Tara McLaughlin Giroud, Walking On Mom

Highly, highly recommend trying this! It has been a lifesaver in our home!- JC