The ‘Perfect Parenting’ Show


My daughter is six now, and many of my Giggle Parenting ideas for younger children are a little worn out now. So now I’m needing to develop new more ‘sophisticated’ ideas!

This is one that she finds hilarious, and works in a number of situations, whenever you feel like your child needs more connection, or you just want to have fun!

So, take an everyday situation like cleaning teeth, or getting ready to leave the house (it could be anything really). Maybe your child is in a grump and doesn’t want to do it, or seems distracted and can’t seem to co-operate.

To begin you just need to role-play that you are a ‘perfect parenting instructor,’ and that you are going to make a video to demonstrate how easy it is to get your child to do what you want with your amazing parenting tips.

So while addressing an imaginary audience say something like;

”hello and welcome to my perfect parenting show. I’m ____ and I’d like to introduce you to my lovely child ___  who always does what I want. I’m going to show you just how easy it is to get your kid to do what you want. So when it comes to cleaning teeth, it’s really very simple, you just put the toothpaste on their brush, hand it to them, and then they just start cleaning.”

This is their cue, to actually not do what you want. My daughter takes great delight, in ‘ruining’ my videos by making funny faces at the imaginary camera, running away when I’m trying to get her to do something. I then act playfully annoyed, pausing the video, or whispering to her so the ‘viewers’ can’t hear, that she’s ruining my reputation as a perfect parenting instructor, by not co-operating.

My daughter has some youtube toy videos she follows and is familiar with the idea of subscribers, so I pretend I’ve looked on my computer and lost subscribers because of her antics, and then she does things, like turns my channel into a singing-dancing one for kids, and I end up getting lots of complaints from parents!

This is a fun role-play that can go in many directions depending on how your child responds. It puts them in the more powerful role, so it is building the connection needed for genuine co-operation. For more info, about the Giggle Parenting approach check out Giggle Parenting: The best discipline tool out there



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