Giggle Parenting For Getting Your Child Out Of The House!

Blanket Person Female Girl Human Face View

On cold January days it can be hard to get motivated sometimes. I know I often feel better once I get out there and see people, but sometimes transitioning out of the house can be hard.

When it comes to our children we can use Giggle Parenting to help. Today I had to get to the Post Office which is literally next door to my house and yet my daughter was reluctant to go.

So I rolled up a blanket, and playfully tried to catch her and wrap it up and pull her to the door in it, while she tried to escape and run away.

We ended up elaborating on this where I pretended that I was making a youtube video, and my channel was for Giggle Parenting fans. So I addressed the audience telling them that I was going to share a simple trick for getting children out the door, and made a big deal of how easy it was and how co-operative my daughter was. Then I’d try it out and she’d wriggle out of the blanket and run away and laugh.

We played this for quite a while, by which time my husband came home and had been to the Post Office for us! But the main thing is we had fun, and I knew that next time I needed to gain my daughter’s co-operation she would be much better connected after this play.

For more tips for getting out of the house check out my  list of 15 tips here 

And if you’d like to shake off the winter blues and become more connected to your children then join my starter class starting 24th January.

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