The Giggle Parenting Guide To Getting Your Child To Listen


Yesterday my daughter was sitting on the sofa watching her ipad, and we needed to leave the house. I kept asking her, and trying to get her attention, and there was no response.

I could feel myself getting impatient, but then I remembered that the most effective way to get through to her is to switch into playful mode.

So I made my hand into a fist to pretend it was a microphone, and said, ”this is an announcement for any child sitting on the black sofa.”

She immediately jumped up and ran across to the white sofa on the opposite side of the room. So then I repeated this game, and told her that I had an announcement for any child on the white sofa. Then she ran across to the other sofa again.

We repeated the game for a while, as she ran to different places, I would make an announcement for the child standing on a wooden floor, on a yoga mat, in the living room. I also tried to playfully block her from escaping the place, so that she would have no choice but to listen to my announcement. This was a lot of fun, with lots of giggles as she had the extra challenge of escaping me. I  always ‘let’ her win eventually.

After a few minutes of fun play she had forgotten all about the ipad, and was ready to listen.

If your child has selective hearing, this is a fun game to play. They get to run off and laugh off any physical and emotional tension, so that their head is clearer to be able to listen to you.

To learn more about Giggle Parenting, check out my introductory article here.  You can also learn more in the laughter chapter of my book, Tears Heal


4 thoughts on “The Giggle Parenting Guide To Getting Your Child To Listen

  1. Thank you, Kate for this lovely idea! It worked wonders with my girls yesterday. Keep sending your great ideas our way! 😘

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