Giggle Parenting Inspiration: Soft Toy Drop


Last night I was reading my daughter a story before bed, and she seemed fidgety and wriggly. Oh dear I found myself thinking, she’s not tired enough for sleep. And then of course I remembered, Giggle Parenting!

We have a big pile of soft toys in our bedroom and I suggested that she grab a pile of them and run and drop them at her dads feet where he was tidying up in the kitchen. She loves to do this as a ‘Giggle Game’ and her dad always playfully pretends to be annoyed about how the toys suddenly appear as she runs away.

Then we hide under the bed while he chases her to throw the toys back. It’s a lot of fun and laughter, and the perfect way to release last minute energy before bed.

Repeat the game as long as everyone’s got the energy and some laughter-induced sleep will soon follow.

For more suggestions on how to use Giggle Parenting to help with bedtime read The Benefits of Laughter At Bedtime 

And if your’e wondering how on earth letting your children be cheeky at bedtime can be a parenting technique, then check out my blog post here Why You Should Let Your Children Be ‘Naughty’ 

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