Sign Up For The Positive Parenting Conference!

Positive parenting Conference_v1

I was so excited and honoured to be invited to take part in A Fine Parent’s  online Positive Parenting Conference.  Myself and 15 other parenting experts will be giving talks to help you learn the tools you need to be a more gentle and connected parent.

As parents, especially when our children are young it’s often hard to even get out of the house, let alone attend a conference, so this free event allows you to take part from the comfort of your own home. And if your kids aren’t asleep in time for you to enjoy the talks you can catch up with free replays.

As Sumitha Bhandarker from A Fine Parent says; ”we’re doing the hardest job in the world – raising human beings – with little or no prior training, some hearsay knowledge and a lot of ‘gut feeling’! Can you imagine a doctor or plumber trying to do their job this way? No wonder most of us default so often to nagging and yelling all the time. And end up with so many power struggles. And feel so lost and adrift. And unsure in our own knowledge of what to do when faced with difficult situations.”

My own talk ‘How To Respond To Tears To Raise Strong Kids’ will be all about listening to tears, and how our reaction to our child’s emotions is key in helping them to grow up strong and resilient.

What each speaker has in common is that we’ve all published parenting books, so follow the link to sign up, check us all out and see which talks and books appeal to you!


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