Giggle Parenting For Taking Medicine


If you’ve been prescribed medicine by a doctor, and are wondering about how to persuade your child to take it, then Giggle Parenting can come in very handy. For many children, particularly those who are sensitive to new tastes, the thought of taking a strange, unknown liquid can bring up a lot of feelings.

Laughter, and play can help build the safety and connection children need to release fear, and it also builds connection so your child is more likely to see your point of view and want to co-operate.

Here are a few suggestions on how to adding a sprinkle of giggles to your medicine.

Put the medicine on a spoon, and tell your child in a playful, light-hearted way that it’s time to take their medicine. Then start by bringing the spoon up to your mouth by mistake. Start saying in a confused tone of voice, ”oh, hang on, that’s not right! It’s not me that needs to take the medicine.” Repeat and try to feed your child, but end up ‘feeding’ other parts of your own body, your ears, your toes, your nose. Then you can try the wrong parts of your child’s body, and even move on to trying to ‘feed’ even more crazy outlandish things. Perhaps the kitchen cupboards, fridge, or even the toilet for maximum laughs. Repeat whatever gets the giggles flowing.

After trying and failing to feed your child the medicine perhaps you enlist the help of a soft toy, or puppet to try and give your child the medicine. Perhaps the toy starts doing even more crazy things like trying to pour the medicine down the sink, or put it in the bin, as you act all playfully panicky and chase after them and try to get them to stop. Or when you ask the toy to give your child some medicine he picks out apples and oranges from the fruit bowl to give, or other random objects, like socks, or Lego.

These are just suggestions to spark your inspiration. The main thing to do is to follow wherever your mind takes you, and whatever gets your child laughing. If laughter alone, doesn’t build the safety your child needs to feel confident to take their medicine, you may need to try the other Hand in Hand Parenting tools of setting limits and staylistening. For more information check out Hand in Hand’s free setting limits e-book, or my book Tears Heal.

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