The 7-Day Listening Partnership Challenge


Today’s post is something a little different. A chance for you to dive deeper into Hand in Hand Parenting, and get more support than you ever imagined possible! And this experiment is going to be completely free. 

Here’s why I’m doing it. 

A few months ago I found out that I had to donate stem cells for my sister who has leukaemia. The medical procedure to do so was ‘extremely safe’ according to the NHS website, but nevertheless I felt overwhelmed with fear. The idea of being connected up to a machine for 4 hours with two needles in my arms seemed pretty terrifying!

So I immediately messaged my fellow Hand in Hand instructors. I asked who would like to be part of a whatsapp group of people I could reach out to when I needed listening time. I got over 15 people who said they’d love to support me.

Over the next two months whenever I felt scared, upset, or whenever I just had a spare moment I would reach out and ask for listening time. Because the group was so large there was almost always someone available. With my regular partners as well I ended up getting listening time most days. It was pretty amazing to have that level of support, to know that even though I was going through tough times I was never alone, there would always be someone there to listen to me, and help me move through fear, and sadness to find my courage.

It took something really big to reach out in this way. But actually we are all going through something really big everyday. We’re all juggling the challenges of parenting, and trying to keep our cool, and it’s not easy.

When we were children, we didn’t have someone there to listen to our feelings, so as adults now it can be hard to reach out for support. I want to make it a bit easier by setting up a challenge where you all get to experience the support of daily listening time and notice the change it makes in your parenting.

My challenge will take place in the last week of January. It’s a chance for you to reach out and connect with other Hand in Hand Parents and get daily listening time for 7 days straight. Who knows, maybe you’ll continue even after that!

Here’s what you need to join.

1. Make sure you’ve read either Tears Heal or Listen by Monday 23rd of January, so you are familiar with Hand in Hand Parenting, and how listening partnerships work.

2. Be ready to commit to listening time of at least 10 minutes each way for 7 days. (subject to the availability of the other participants who join)

3.  Send me a message via facebook with your email address and I will add you to my secret ‘Listening Partnership Challenge’ Facebook group.

4. On the group you’ll find the link to a doodle poll where you can add your availability.

5. You can then connect with fellow parents who are available at the time you need, and hopefully set up 7 listening times with participants around the world.

6. I’ll post daily topics on the facebook group, that you can discuss in your listening time, or simply follow where your mind goes. You can post about how it’s all going, and if your schedule changes you can look for listening partners.

This is a bit of an experiment, but if you’re open to making new connections, and seeing where this leads, then please sign up! And please share with any friends who might be interested.

If you’re completely new to the idea of listening time then you can read my introductory post here

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