Taking A Blogging Break

I never quite know where I’m going with my writing, as I always just trust my unconscious has a plan and go with my intuition. After a week of not writing my blog, it seems like I’m taking a blogging break! I’m writing a new book now, and I write best when I turn off the internet and stay away from blogging and social media for a while.

So rather than completely disappear without warning I thought I’d let you know, that I’m taking a break, and will write less often, or perhaps not at all, depending on where my inspiration takes me!

And in the meantime I wanted to share about all the other wonderful Hand in Hand Parenting resources out there.

There is the main Hand in Hand website which has hundreds of articles on almost every possible parenting challenge you can imagine. Sign up to their newsletter and get a free e-book for handling tantrums. You can also sign up for the regular free teleseminars, the next ones are on Helping children after trauma and What To Do When We Mess Up As Parents.

And there’s other Hand in Hand Parenting instructors bloggers out there. Here are a few from the UK, Emilie Leeks, from Journeys in Parenting, Stephanie Parker, and Roma Norriss at Birthing A Better World, and in Germany there’s Anca Deaconu.

There is also our wonderful Hand in Hand parents support facebook group, with lots of experienced parents sharing advice for using our tools.

I’ll still be around on facebook and twitter, and offering workshops and consultations. I’ll be teaching a new online starter class beginning in the new year. So keep in touch and feel free to reach out when you need help with your parenting.

And if you’d like to read more from me, there is of course my book Tears Heal!

Tears Heal2016

One thought on “Taking A Blogging Break

  1. Thanks so much for sharing all the great resources to keep us on the right tracks while you’re taking your blogging break and pleased you’ll still be around on Twitter and FB but will miss the posts. Am so pleased it’s for a good reason that you’re taking a break – good luck with the next book 😀 X

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