A New Direction For My Blog


Dear Blog Readers,

Now my book Tears Heal is out in the world, I’m thinking about my next projects. My mission is to share the knowledge about the healing power of tears with as many parents as I possibly can. Every day I see parents struggling with their parenting because they lack information about this simple, life-changing fact. And it seems that the world would be a much more peaceful place if children are raised compassionately without rewards, consequences and punishment.

The message is getting out there, and now there are a few other messages I’d like to share.

One of the other projects I have in mind is to share the knowledge about the healing power of tears with adults, not just parents, so they have tools to heal and recover from their childhood. The tool of listening partnerships is powerful and I hope one day it will be available for everyone, and intertwined in our lives. So many adults are struggling because they aren’t sure what to do with their feelings. Perhaps they don’t feel ‘broken’ enough for therapy, but they are still dealing with difficulties and insecurities relating to childhood experiences.

These past few weeks I’ve been travelling in the UK. When we set off on our journey my daughter picked up a stencil for drawing letters. I’d seen it in a charity shop a few years back, and I’d bought it after becoming interested in unschooling and homeschooling. Now she’s five she’s started writing shopping lists with her dad, and drawing the letters that she can do, and then, stencilling the ones she can’t. I just had a big lunch with extended family to celebrate my book coming out and my daughter wrote out all the place cards herself. It has been a real joy to watch her try to figure out reading and writing for herself, and watching her self-motivation has reaffirmed to me just how broken our school system is.

A few years back I read a book called Learning All The Time by John Holt in which he explains how children naturally learn to read much more quickly when they teach themselves rather than be taught by teachers. His observations really shocked me, but they make sense when we look at the history of schooling. Part of the aim of schools were actually to ‘dumb people down’ so they would be compliant workers for factories. They were not designed with the intention of nurturing children’s innate intelligence and creativity.

The people involved in the education system are working so hard and are so passionate. I know many wonderful and caring teachers (in fact I’m married to one 😉 !) but the system itself is broken.

I’ve begun interviewing parents of adult ‘unschoolers’ and watching my daughter development, and it’s really clear to me now, that school is completely unnecessary for children’s education, even if it does provide parents with free childcare, and a much-needed break!

And yet another passion of mine, is something I’m just learning about; natural health. After watching the documentary The Truth About Cancer, I’m really questioning everything I thought I knew about the healthcare system.

Everything I write seems to come from the same place. A passion for spreading knowledge that is somehow hidden in society. So now I’ve shared ‘Parenting’s Best Kept Secret’ I hope as time goes on I’ll share a few more secrets with you too.

I feel like I’ve written a lot about Hand in Hand Parenting, and I will probably continue to write more. But lets face it, there’s only so many posts about crying and giggles I can share with you all! And I never quite know which blog post will pop into my mind wanting to be written. I can feel my horizons expanding and this blog may evolve to include posts about my next writing projects.

If you’ve enjoyed reading my blog, and have any thoughts, I’d love to read your comments! And I hope you’ll continue on the journey with me, and enjoy my new posts.

5 thoughts on “A New Direction For My Blog

  1. Yay, Kate! It’s so lovely to see you growing and exploring and taking others along with you to share what you learn as you go. Can’t wait to see where your next journey goes! ❤

  2. Good luck with the new direction Kate – it all sounds very interesting indeed. I’m fascinated by ‘unschooling’ and your comments about learning to read – my son’s fluency at reading astounds me when I have never pushed him to read out loud to us – his teacher commented on it recently and I felt guilty as he barely reads to us though we read together a lot and I really believe he has taught himself by following the words as we’re reading with him….. I also agree the education system needs re-looking at… it is not fit for purpose for the 21st century – as hard as I find it to admit as a teacher! Really interested in your future posts. x

    1. thanks for your comment, I spend a lot of time with teachers because my husband is one too, and what I notice is how many of them would like things to be different but it’s hard to change the system. That’s great though that within that system your son was able to go at his own pace, and I wouldn’t feel at all guilty at not reading aloud to him. I think that’s one of the ways our system thinks children should learn, but when it’s child directed it can happen much more naturally. I love watching my daughter’s self-motivation to learn.

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