Giggle Parenting Inspiration: The Lick Monster


Does your child suck or chew their clothes or fingers from time to time? I’ve noticed that my daughter does this when she’s stressed or agitated, and that it often happens when we’re busy travelling and life is a bit more fast paced.

When she was chewing her necklace yesterday I moved in close and told her in a warm and playful way not to chew it in case it broke. Then she reached out and started to try and chew me instead. I responded by saying, ”oh no! The lick monster’s coming to get me, I must run away!” As I started running she started chasing me while laughing. Any tension behind the chewing had soon evaporated with the giggles.

You can invite your child to play this game, by saying, ”oh no! It looks like the lick monster’s around. I hope it doesn’t try to get me!” Run and chase and all the tension behind your child’s behaviour will soon be channelled into laughter and play. Play as long as the giggles keep flowing.

If your child regularly sucks their thumb you might also want to try Giggle Parenting For Thumb Sucking or read the Hand in Hand Parenting article, No more thumb, no more pacifier

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