Tears Heal Is Headline News!


When I first learnt about the healing power of tears I was absolutely amazed at this discovery, that we have a natural inbuilt healing mechanism to recover from any stress and upset we experience, and that when we listen to our children’s feelings they don’t need to tell us about them through off-track behaviour.

Just as amazing, and shocking to me, was that few people seemed to know about this. None of the parenting books (except for this one) seemed to talk about it, and most parenting experts were giving advice that wasn’t grounded in science and how humans work.

I looked around me, at the other parents, and children, and saw so much confusion, and so much suffering because they didn’t have access to this information.

I trained to be an instructor with Hand in Hand Parenting because I wanted every parent to have access to this information. And it became my dream to write a book, that would reach millions!

Well today it looks my dream is on it’s way to becoming a reality. Today Tears Heal is headline news. I’m in The Sun! Two million readers are waking up to news about the healing power of tears, and hopefully a good percentage of them will go on and buy my book 😉

If you’d like to read an extract of my book, go out and by The Sun today! And if you’d like a copy of the book you can find it in all the usual bookshops. Or you can also order a signed copy direct from me here.

Today I’m celebrating the dawning of a more peaceful, connected world where so many parents are learning that Tears Heal.

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4 thoughts on “Tears Heal Is Headline News!

  1. That’s fantastic news Kate – well done! Your advice has really helped me ‘stay with’ my little ones’ tears and not to try and ‘fix’ things so they stop quicker as I recognise that’s for me not for them! Anyway I’m waffling… Congrats again xx

  2. I found your post on tears healing emotions and stress/anxiety so interesting and I was delighted to see you mentioned in The Sun. What an amazing achievement, brilliant for exposure of the book! Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam Hope to see you next time x

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