The Reality Of Life As A Writer, And A Favour To Ask


Hi Blog readers,

today we are excitedly unpacking boxes of my new book Tears Heal. I’ll be sending out copies to anyone who’s pre-ordered it through my website, just as soon as I can find the sellotape!

I wanted to write a little about the economics of life as a writer, and ask anyone’s who is intending to buy the book to do me a small favour.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and like anyone driven by a passion to do what they love I ignored any negativity standing in my way. Once a teacher at school told me that only 100 people in the UK are able to make a living solely out of writing. As I grew up and studied creative writing I met many published writers who needed to do other jobs to survive. A well-respected and famous writer in Scotland (not J.K Rowling though!) admitted she made less than £500 a year out of writing.

Writers often find themselves in the position of being expected to work for free, often while everyone else gets paid. It’s probably because we love our work so much that companies can get away with paying us nothing or very little. In the UK the average author makes less than the minimum wage.

Anyway, this isn’t meant to be a complaint as I love what I do, and would probably do it for free anyway! But this is my small request. If you are considering buying the book then I would love it if you ordered it directly from me. This doesn’t just mean that you get a signed copy 😉 It also means I can earn a little bit more. Because I can buy my books at a discount, I get a fairer share of the royalties if I sell and distribute them myself. This means that you are supporting me as a writer, so I can write and blog more, rather than supporting Amazon etc!

Anyway thanks for reading this, and here is the link if you would like to order. I hope you enjoy my first book 🙂

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