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You can order your book now using the paypal links below, and receive a signed copy.

UK orders £13.99 incl postage 

Europe orders, 20 Eur incl postage

International orders, $25 incl postage

Tears Heal allows parents to discover parenting’s biggest paradigm shift, the way they respond to children’s tears.

One of the most challenging things parents of babies and young children have to deal with are tears. When babies cry, parents shhh, or rock them to try to get them to stop. When toddlers’ tantrum parents may distract them, attempt to reason with them, or ignore their crying in the hope it won’t last long. It seems natural to judge the success of parenting by how much children cry. Tears Heal will allow readers to discover parenting’s biggest paradigm shift, the way they respond to their children’s tears. Here parents will learn how to transform their parenting by moving away from stopping feelings, towards listening instead. Tears Heal – How To Listen To Our Children is warm, and full of empathy for the hard work, and struggles that parents go through. It also has a strong leaning towards helping parents with their own emotions, as they deal with their children’s challenging moments. It explains why we find children’s feelings hard to handle, because our feelings weren’t fully listened to when we were children, and shows how we can nurture and support ourselves so that we can be the parents we want to be.

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19 thoughts on “Order Your Copy Of Tears Heal!

    1. Oh that’s good! Mindfulness is so helpful for those moments. And I’ve been trying to be more mindful this week to stop my habit of grabbing my phone first thing in the morning!

  1. Oh this looks really interesting and a great read…I’m always keen to learn more as my little girl is growing up fast. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam Hope you come back next week xx

    1. it’s a pleasure! Thanks for your lovely comment. I’m actually just planning a book event in Brighton, if you’re interested 🙂

  2. Such short view of the subject and yet I have learned so much already! Its so true parents.. me, I try to always stop crying but is forgetting that my son might be saying something that I need to know about. Goodluck with the book launch. #dreamteam

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