Giggle Parenting Inspiration – The I’m Tired Game


You may have noticed that when children say ”I’m tired,” they may not always mean it exactly. It could also be, ”I’m starting to feel some uncomfortable feelings, and I can’t think of any other way to tell you.”

If you’re walking along somewhere and your child starts telling you they’re tired and you suspect that feelings are the real issue then try this game. Chances our their energy will probably reappear in a flash!

On the way back from the park yesterday my daughter was complaining she was tired. I started saying in a playfully tired voice, ”Yeah, I’m tired too, so, so so tired…oh no hang on..I’m not tired, I’m full of energy!” Then I would start running a bit, and then say, ”Oh I can win now! I’m going to win the most energetic race! I hope no-one overtakes me!”

This was just the cue my daughter needed to run ahead to try and be the most energetic one. I stretched my arms out wide to playfully make it more hard to pass and we kept running together. As I made it more challenging for her to get by the giggles really started flowing, and then I let her win.

We repeated the game all the way home. Each time I would let her win (after a bit of a resitstance) so that she could feel her own stress and power and of course laugh at me!

This is the perfect game to release any feelings that are getting in the way of your child feeling their natural vitality. Walking with grown-ups can be hard for children. They may be suddenly aware of how small their legs are, or how out of control they feel being told where to walk and to hurry up!

Adding in some giggle parenting is the perfect way to empower your child, and build their confidence. This ‘running competition’ can also help release real feelings of competitiveness and sibling rivalry.

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12 thoughts on “Giggle Parenting Inspiration – The I’m Tired Game

  1. Great tip, thanks! My eldest just turned four and often says that his legs are heavy and he is starting to hurt when we go for an average walk… but he is definitely up for this kind of giggly goodness, I’m sure of it! 🙂

    1. Have fun trying it! My daughter runs and runs playing this, whereas before she would have been complaining she was tired. It’s funny how much energy they can tap into if it’s actually fun!

    2. it’s perfect for those sorts of situations! My daughter has a complete turn around in energy levels when things are fun.

  2. My daughter says “I’m sad” when she doesn’t know how to convey what she’s feeling. That’s a great idea, I’m going to try it next time she says I’m sad

    1. you could try that. The laughter approach works well if they are feeling a bit grumpy or frustrated. If they are actually sad they might need to cry to release feelings that way.

      1. Ah she’s definitely not emotionally sad, just pissed off or trying to get something she wants. She’s great at emotional blackmail my 2 year old 😉

      2. laughter is perfect for those kinds of situations then! Our kid’s emotions can be strong! I try it often unless my daughter’s on the verge of tears – if she is, I know just listening and weathering the storm of her sadness is the best approach in the long run.

  3. So true! I do this with my kids as well. We get into some good races then. Sometimes my little one will still complain that “I’m just too little” so then I slow down with her and pretend we’re snails and that gets her laughing. We can usually get a good run in after that. Or I’ve also made up a little story about little Olivia whose legs were too short so she wished she was a butterfly and could fly along with her family. She wasn’t exactly happy about me still not carrying her but it kept her attention until we were almost home. 🙂

  4. This sounds like so much fun. I will have to try this with my daughter as we start the long kindergarten walks in August. Luckily peer pressure works wonders and them all walking together and having to stay together will help. But we practiced this morning and she did say she was tired halfway through. I wish I read this a little sooner! I’m going to try it next time. Great tip.

    1. I’m sure it will help having other children around. My daughter has been know to walk for hours non-stop when she is with other kids!

  5. You are one energized Mom!!
    I don’t think I would be able to RUN with my son. OK, he’s almost 8, and he kicks my a**
    Anyway, I get your point, distraction, laughter, happy feelings 🙂 I can do that!

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