Giggle Parenting Inspiration – Teeth Brushing School


Our child’s natural state of being is to co-operate with us. And one of their number one ways to tell us they are feeling disconnected is to refuse to do something. Refusing to clean teeth seems to be one of the most common ways! So here is yet another fun teeth cleaning game.

My daughter has been role-playing a lot of classes lately. She goes to ballet class and art class and I know she’s thinking a lot about starting Kindergarten in August.

When she didn’t want to clean her teeth the other day, I started joking around about how it was time to go to her ‘teeth cleaning class.’ Then I got a cuddly rabbit who was the teacher. Except the rabbit would say things like, ”okay to clean your teeth you need to take your toothbrush and hide it under the duvet.” She would laugh a lot, and go and hide her toothbrush. Then I would act all frustrated with the rabbit and say, ”Rabbit! That’s not how we clean teeth, you need to tell R to put the brush in her mouth.”  Rabbit said all sorts of crazy things like you, need to hide in your room and shut the door, or you need to go and put your toothbrush in your shoe, or you need to put a sock on your toothbrush, and then put it in your coat pocket. The more crazy the situation the better! I would act all exasperated and  complain about what a terrible teacher he was.

After lots of laughter she was much more connected and her natural desire to co-operate was back.

Do you need more help with teeth-cleaning? Check out Giggle Parenting For Teeth-Cleaning and Emilie Leek’s article Using The Tools To Help With Teeth Cleaning has lots of suggestions and links. 

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