Giggle Parenting For No Reason


A lot of my giggle parenting posts have focused on using laughter to deal with specific family challenges. Although this is a great way to apply the giggles, it’s also worth bearing in mind that of course we can laugh and have fun with our children for completely ‘no reason.’

Today I went down to the cellar with my daughter to hang up some wet washing. There were some dry towels and other clothes hanging up. As I hung up the wet stuff, I told my daughter in a playfully serious voice, ”okay, I really don’t want you to pull down that towel.”

She immediately yanked down the towel, then went to pull down a pair of trousers. I chased her around putting things back up, and acting playfully exasperated. It became a race for her to pull things down, and for me to put them back up. We had lots of fun and laughter. (by the way, the cellar floor is immaculate so I wasn’t worried about the clean washing getting dirty! And there were only a few things she was able to reach, most were too high up)

Now you might be thinking, why on earth would I encourage my child to pull down clean washing and dump it on the floor? What sort of parenting lesson does that send?

Well time and time again I’ve seen that if we let our children be ‘naughty’ in a controlled way, it massively reduces the chance that they will misbehave in real ways. We had both been ill this week and had been missing out on playfulness, so I spotted my chance to leap in and have a few giggles. I know that every time I invest time in connection, I’m increasing the chance my daughter will be co-operative when I really need her to be.

So if you have a few moments to spare, and get some inspiration for what might make your child laugh (while they are in the more powerful role) then try out some giggle parenting.

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