The Special Time Cure For Bossy Parents


Hand in Hand parenting calls special time the 10 Minute Tool To Change Your Child’s Behaviour. However it’s not always our child that needs to change their behaviour. In fact a lot of parenting challenges could disappear when we change our behaviour.

So lets start with special time. Do you have those days when you feel like you are issuing non-stop orders to your child? When you need them to clean their teeth, eat breakfast, get out the door, etc. etc.

I have days like this too, and suddenly I’ll remember special time, and how powerfully things turn around when we stop being our child’s boss, and let them be in charge instead.

Special time is 1-1 time we spend with our child doing whatever they want. It could be eating chocolate, snuggling up watching TV, or playing Lego. As long as it isn’t dangerous. With special time we always set a timer, so we both have a clear idea of how long it will go on for.

If you find yourself becoming bossy, and notice that the connection with your child is getting frayed then try some special time. It’s the quickest way to shift out of power struggles and back to connected-parenting. And even if you’ve only got five minutes it still makes a difference.

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