Silly Stories For Separation Anxiety


My mum is staying at the moment, and last night my daughter got very over-excited showing off to granny! When it was her usual bedtime she was really hyperactive and talking non-stop and finding it really hard to relax.

I started telling more silly stories like these ones, to help her relax, and wind down. I began to tell her about the next day, when I’d be going out to lunch with a friend, and granny would be looking after her. I suspected my daughter might be feeling a bit nervous (as well as excited!) about this upcoming separation.

I had granny make lots of mistakes just like we do in real life playlistening. They had planned to go on a bike ride, but then I had granny get in a boat instead, thinking that it was a bike.

Then I would have my daughter get granny’s phone, and call me up in the restaurant, and tell me everything was going wrong. I would answer the phone making chewing noises, before being able to talk. After our phone conversation I would then fly back in a plane from the rooftop of the restaurant and land on our balcony at home. Then I could sort out whatever silly situation granny had got into.

I had the granny tell my daughter they were going to a park with some balls, and then have her go to the supermarket and get eggs and throw them around. Then granny said they were going on a treasure hunt, and she ended up picking rubbish out of a bin and saying it was treasure. I had granny get the entire contents of the kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer onto the floor of the kitchen, and say that it was Lego bricks. She would take a chocolate biscuit, and say, ”mmm this Lego tastes delicious!”

Each time something silly happened my daughter would phone me at the restaurant and I would come back to sort things out.

My daughter laughed a lot, and even told me, ”this is helping me calm down.” After a while she was yawning and fell asleep easily.

Silly stories are great to tell about any upcoming separation. We can release any feelings of nervousness or anxiety through laughter. We can also build connections with our child, and reassure them (for example my daughter was in a powerful role because she could use the phone to get in contact with me so I could sort things out).

You could make up silly stories about anything. Have your child be in the more powerful role, and have some silly adults that make mistakes just like in playlistening. Root the stories in the everyday life your child knows well, but have events take an unusual twist. Catch an aeroplane to playgroup, drive a flying car or go in a secret underground tunnel. Turn your child’s worries and difficulties in life, into a story where they get to be the powerful one. Experiment with using silly stories to build your child’s confidence and release fear and tension through laughter.

What silly stories made your child laugh? I’d love to hear in the comments below 🙂 

Would you like some silly story suggestions to help with your child’s challenges? Leave me a comment or use my contact form here

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