For a child that only wants mummy – Giggle Parenting Inspiration N.O 10


This week my husband’s off work, as he’s a teacher and it’s school holidays. So while everyone is sleeping I’ve been getting up early to write my blog posts. My husband and daughter love lazy lie ins, but I do not! Every morning just as I’m getting to the end of my post my daughter wakes up. Every time after a few cuddles I try to get her to go back to bed with her dad while I finish my post, and she’s refusing, telling me her dad is a ‘terrible snuggler’ etc.

I know that she’s normally really happy to be with her dad, but sometimes, there’s underlying feelings and separation anxiety that can make her need to be with me for more connection.

So I decided to do some giggle parenting. I picked up all her cuddly toys, and said, ”Come on R, it’s time to go back to bed.” And I took all the toys into the bedroom. Then I would suddenly realise my mistake, ”hang on. This is not R!” and I would drop all the toys in surprise.

I also like to go for a walk in the morning while everyone is sleeping, so I put a jacket on the toys, and said, ”come on R, lets go for a walk.’ Then I would get to the front door also realise my mistake and exclaim, ”oh no! This isn’t right, I don’t take R for a walk with me, and this is not even R!”

After a few giggles my daughter was completely happy to go and hang out with her dad. She just ran back to tell me happily that they’re reading books and doing stickers, and having a lovely lazy morning. And I got to finish my blog post and write this one too!

For more playful ways to help separation anxiety check out this list here. And for more in-depth help check out Hand in Hand Parenting’s online self-study course Say Goodbye To Separation Anxiety

Would you like a giggle parenting solution for your family challenge? Leave me a comment or send me a pm on facebook

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7 thoughts on “For a child that only wants mummy – Giggle Parenting Inspiration N.O 10

  1. Aw, that’s a nice idea. My son is the same, if he wakes up and I’m not there, he’s not a happy boy and won’t stay put with Daddy but maybe this is worth a try. #dreamteam

  2. It’s good to have some tips. I’m left a little hurt when the cubs swarm their mother when I’m standing or sitting there too! It may be because they know I don’t cave so quickly.

    When it comes to bedtime though it can be hurtful when the older two demand their mother for story time and howl when they get me instead! They quickly adjust but that initial howl goes through me.

    It’s been hard seeing them struggle with my wife working evenings and not being there for bed times.


    1. Awww It must be hard, but please don’t take it personally! I think naturally all children have feelings of separation anxiety, and it often comes out as a rejection of the dad over the mum. But it’s totally natural. Play and listening to feelings have helped us so much!

  3. this is a really good idea, my daughter is very similar, she is stuck to me and my husband, her dad, feels rejected. #DreamTeam

  4. Wow, that’s a fantastic idea. I haven’t heard of giggle parenting before. Little Button is stuck to me like glue at home and will never happily go off with Mr Button to play if I am around. I am going to give it a go and see what happens. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam

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