Giggle Parenting Inspiration – For Kicking Feet


If your toddler’s feet are getting a bit ‘kicky’ try this. Get a cushion, and have it say hello to your child’s feet. Say something like, ”I’m such a lovely gentle cushion, I hope you’ll be gentle with me too, I hope you won’t kick me, etc.”

This will probably be just the invitation your child needs to start kicking the cushion. Have it fly across the room, and land somewhere far away. Then the cushion can say in a playfully shocked tone, ”well, hello, to you too!” and then ”Hmmm, let me try again, maybe the feet will be more friendly next time.”

Repeat as long as the giggles flow, and you’re channeling your child’s aggression with fun and laughter. As that cushion flies across the room, they’ll be releasing fear, and powerlessness, and growing in confidence.

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