The Parenting Revolution You Might Not Have Heard About


I started this blog and wrote my book Tears Heal: How to listen to our children because I wanted to share the amazing life-changing information that crying is a healing process, that it is part of the natural  way we recover from stress and upset. And that when we can listen to our children’s tears, without trying to distract or stop them from expressing emotions, we can help them to heal the hurts that cause their ‘misbehaviour.’

I wanted to share that aggression, or whining, or sleep struggles, or having trouble sharing, are not an inevitable part of parenting young children, and that listening, play and connection, can allow them to be their natural, co-operative selves.

I wanted to share this message with as many parents as possible that because of our own childhood we have this unconscious urge to try and stop our children from crying, to distract or fix, because deep down, we aren’t comfortable with our children’s tears.

I wanted to share the amazing resources available from Hand in Hand parenting, for giving us the strength and patience to deal with our children’s emotional moments, and to grow and heal along with them too.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you probably do know about this parenting revolution.

A while back I read this fantastic article by Heidi Stevens, To Stop A Tantrum You Just Have To Go With It And then this week I read Dr. Shefali’s 3 Mistakes Every Parent Makes During A Meltdown, with wonderful advice, (even if it’s a slightly inaccurate title!) about how to stay present and calm in our child’s stormy moments.

These were both great articles, but they both came from the assumption that they were the first person to discover these ‘tantrum managing’ tricks. This vital parenting information is still relatively unknown. For example I noticed a blog about how to stop tantrums had been shared 75,000 times on Facebook.

We are in the minority of parents, but we are a strong minority  who are passionate about sharing what we’ve learnt, and changing the lives of not just our own children, but other children as well.

So I wanted to open up my blog to anyone else who would like to write about their journey to discover the healing power of tears.

I’m looking for stories from parents about how they first discovered that crying was a healing process. I’d love to hear about the thought process you went through, and how your parenting, your child’s behaviour, and your family life was transformed. I’d love to hear about the doubts and confusion you might have felt at first, about learning something that is completely different to the way our culture deals with children’s upsets. And I’d love to hear about how you build support for yourself to deal with your child’s challenging emotions, and behaviour.

I’m looking for anything between 400-1500 words. Here’s my story here .

Lets share our parenting revolution with the world!

And if you’d like to discover more about listening to tears and Hand in Hand parenting, here are few useful posts to get started.

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