Giggle Parenting Inspiration N.O 9 – For a clingy, ‘shy’ toddler


Here’s one to try if you’re at a parent-toddler group, birthday party, or other social engagement when your child is clingy and ‘shy’ and doesn’t want to leave your lap. Hug your child, and tell them, ”oh this is a very strong hug. I’m sure you’re not strong enough to escape this hug!”

This is bound to inspire them to try wriggling away. After a bit of wrestling, you can let your child escape. You can then chase them and say, ”hey! How did you get out of my arms! I am going to come and get another hug, I’m sure you can’t escape.”

I’ve tried this when my daughter was feeling shy in a social group when she only wanted to play with me. Of course as a Hand in Hand parenting instructor, I think it’s great to honour our children’s needs, and play and connect with them! But I could sense my daughter’s underlying desire was to connect with the other children and play with them. She just wasn’t sure at first how to join in.

After a few giggles she was able to run off and play happily, coming back for hugs, to repeat whenever she need some extra connection.

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Have you got a problem you’d like a Giggle Parenting solution for? Leave me a comment or pm me via facebook and your challenge could be the subject of my next post! 

If you’d like an in-depth look at how laughter can solve behavioural challenges, then check out Playful Parenting by Dr. Lawrence J. Cohen. 

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