Giggle Parenting Inspiration N.O 7 – Unsticking Limpets


My daughter was going through a clingy phase, and we had invented a fun game to play to help her feel secure – I was the mummy limpet and she was the baby limpet and she had to stay stuck to me the whole time.

Then one day she was getting bored walking along. I sensed she had a lot of emotions attached to not wanting to walk rather than actual physical tiredness. Suddenly I had an idea. I suddenly got all unsticky, and wriggled my hand out of hers. Then I said to my daughter, ”oh no! Baby limpet, I’m unsticking, help quick catch me!” Then I’d run ahead of her, and tell her ‘quick, catch up with me!”

With a fun game to play she would fun forward chasing me. When we got stuck together I’d keep roleplaying being limpets, saying, ”phew, we’re stuck together. I hope we don’t get unstuck again. Please hold me tight!” And then I would keep repeating the game.

It’s funny how my daughter was complaining about being too tired to walk, but with a game she was able to run and chase me, so we got to where we were going much quicker. Kids have so much physical energy, but often find walking with grown-ups a bit too boring. A bit of playlistening can make it much more fun.

Wondering what playlistening is? Visit Hand in Hand parenting to learn more.

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