Playlistening Inspiration N.O 2 – Getting Dressed Giggles


When children feel disconnected or have hurt feelings one of the most common ways they try to tell us is by refusing to do something that we want them to do. Is there any parent who hasn’t struggled with their child not wanting to get dressed?!

In this classic game you can act all ‘serious’ telling your child, ”come on now, lets get your clothes on.” Then you can put their pants on their head and their socks on their hands and then say, ”oh, hang on a minute, that’s not right! Let me try again.” Repeat as long as they find it funny and you can also try out your own variations.

Yesterday I was in a bit of a dilemma as I had put out thermals for my daughter to wear as it was cold, but she wanted to pick her own outfit. So I decided to diffuse the tension by grabbing a pile of dirty washing, and then saying, ”come on now, it’s time to get dressed,” and then realising my ‘mistake’ I’d say ”oh no what am I thinking, this is just a pile of dirty washing!” I repeated it, with her dad’s clothes, with my coat, and even with objects, like an iron, and a magazine.

This is a fun game to play even if your child is quite happy and co-operative. If you’ve got a little time to spare, it’s always worth investing it in laughter.

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