Laughter Is The Best Medicine


A new post from my archives! 

It was a difficult morning as my 15 month old daughter and I were both ill, but I’d had some listening time the night before so I did feel a sense of wellbeing too. I’d recently trained as a laughter yoga, leader and discovered the amazing boost to our immune system that laughter gives us. I was hoping I could fill our day with laughter to help us both recover.

I had to take down the washing off the line. My daughter just sat on the floor looking at me and I was worried she was still ill, as usually she likes to crawl around and explore when we go to the washing room. I started pulling the clothes down suddenly and being surprised. My daughter laughed a lot at this. I kept putting things back on the line again, and then pulling them down again and again as she laughed. Then she started crawling around, and handing me clothes, so I would put them back on and pull them off again. I would put four or five things up on the line, and then point at them, and tell them in a pretend stern voice to ‘’stay’’ and then act playfully angry and surprised when they fell off. She found this hilarious. I felt reassured that she was on the mend if she had the energy to laugh. And what I love about Playlistening is how it interrupts my daily chores, so that I’m no longer worried about how I’m going to get things done with a baby around. I’m simply enjoying being with her and laughing.

Later my daughter was hungry, and I put her in her high chair to give her a snack. She didn’t like what I gave her, and kept pointing towards the fruit bowl. I knew what she wanted was oranges, her favourite food, but we didn’t have any more.

I was feeling a bit stressed that she didn’t want to eat anything else, and also worried as if my daughter would be breastfeeding forever! But I really wanted to maintain my good feeling, and not become overwhelmed by everything.

For some reason I needed to count something and I forget what, but I made a fist with my hand and then just kept opening it one finger at a time, and counting out loud. When I opened up my thumb, I would stare at my hand and jump backwards as if surprised at how all my fingers had appeared. She found this really funny. Then I remembered a game I’d tried a few weeks ago where I would try to open the fridge door, and pull and pull as if it was stuck. Then it would spring open, and I’d fly backwards across the kitchen This was one joke that hadn’t worn off, so I repeated it a few times.

I had cooked some pasta, to give her as a snack later, and I suddenly had the idea to throw individual pieces around the room, and be surprised where they landed. She laughed at this too! Then I decided to hand her pieces, but then accidentally drop them before I gave them to her. I love how when I get in the flow of playlistening, new ideas keep coming to me, and I can use my intuition well to know what will make her laugh.

Then I actually gave her a piece of pasta, and she ate it. I felt relieved that she was finally eating. So I gave her some more, which she threw on the floor. So this became our next game. I would put pasta on the table, and then beg her not to throw it, or rush over and try and stop her. She laughed a lot and gleefully through it on the floor. In between this game, she was eating pasta as well.

When she threw her apple on the floor I set a limit, and told her I was going to throw it in the bin. I was worried that it would have germs on as it had fallen on the floor a few times already. She then started to cry, so I moved close to her and put my arm around her as she sat in the highchair. We’d did a few minutes of staylistening, and I could see she was getting tired. I took her to the bedroom, and she fell asleep really easily. I have since learned that laughing actually helps release the sleep hormone melatonin, so it’s no wonder!

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